5 Sweet Recipes for Every Type of Valentine's Day

By the editors of Cook's Illustrated

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No matter the occasion, we’ve got just the treat for it.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and while spending a romantic night with your significant other is definitely one of them, we wanted to provide recipes perfect for all sorts of celebrations. Whether you’re looking to send your child to school with a sweet treat, host a brunch party for your friends, or just be good to yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our favorite recipes to make for the sweetest day of the year.


Creme Brulee for Two

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Crème Brûlée for Two

If you have a special someone you’d like to impress, allow us to suggest making our crème brûlée. The secrets to this recipe involve lots of egg yolks, turbinado sugar, and—oh, yes—a flaming torch.


Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling

Sharing these cupcakes is a surefire way for your child to earn extra brownie points at school. Since there’s only so much chocolate you can cram into a cupcake before the texture literally falls apart, we thought beyond the batter for our recipe.


French Toast


There are few things better than brunch with friends, and few things better suited for a brunch party than French toast. But for a dish that’s crisp on the outside and soft (but not soggy) on the inside, you need to do more than just throw milk, eggs, and bread into a bowl. Fortunately, our recipe gets the balance just right.


Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies are just that: perfect. With crisp edges, chewy centers, and rich toffee flavor, they’ll make the day of your lucky Valentine.


Dark Chocolate


Who says you can’t give yourself presents on Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself to a bar of our winning dark chocolate to either munch on while you’re baking (it’s our winning brand to cook with) or just whenever you want a sweet snack.

Milk Chocolate

While dark chocolate is supposedly the sophisticated, adult choice, sometimes there’s nothing to make your inner kid happy like a silky bar of milk chocolate. We tested 10 nationally available brands to find our favorite.

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