Food Dehydrators

Published September 1, 2016.

To find the best dehydrator, we purchased five models and set them to work creating some of our favorite dried snacks (apple chips, kale chips, beef jerky, and mango-apple fruit leather) and some pantry staples that we could use for cooking (dried tomatoes and dried thyme).

Food Dehydrators

Ice Cream Makers

Published July 1, 2016.

Home ice cream makers are well worth the money and counter space—if you buy a good one.

Ice Cream Makers

Belgian Waffle Irons

Published January 1, 2016.

We set a price cap of $100 and tested 13 irons, making batches of both a Belgian-style yeasted waffle batter and the batter for our everyday Cook's Illustrated Best Buttermilk Waffles in each machine.

Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker

High-End Professional-Style Food Processors

Published January 1, 2016.

We tested two high-end food processors to see whether they offered any extra features that made them worth nearly two to three times the price of an ordinary food processor.

Waring Commercial 3.5-Quart Pro Food Processor

Small Food Processors

Published December 1, 2015.

We love our winning food processor, but it’s big and costs nearly $200. Could we find a cheaper, smaller model that still aces basic tasks?

Cuisinart Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder

Personal Blenders

Published November 1, 2015.

“Personal blenders” offer promising perks over full-size blenders, such as smaller footprints, lower price tags, and lids that allow them to transition neatly from pitchers to travel cups. So how well do they work?

Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro

Knife Sharpeners, 20-Degree (Conventional Western)

Published June 1, 2015.

We tested nine sharpeners designed to maintain 20-degree (Western style) knives.

Chef's Choice 15/20 Angle Select Electric Knife Sharpener

Rice Cookers

Published May 1, 2015.

A good rice cooker should make the task of cooking rice convenient and foolproof. We tested five models to see if any of them measured up.

Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Large Ice Cream Makers

Published May 1, 2015.

We churned vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet in five different large ice cream makers to find out which was best for large batches.

White Mountain Wooden Bucket 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

Bread Machines

Published March 1, 2015.

We tested five bread machines to see if the newer, less-expensive models now on the market could produce a great loaf.

Breville The Custom Loaf

Electric Citrus Juicers

Published February 1, 2015.

We tested seven inexpensive citrus juicers to see how they compare to our favorite (but much more expensive) electric citrus juicer.

Breville Stainless Steel Juicer

Tea Machines

Published January 1, 2015.

Would brewing tea with a tea machine be more convenient than using a regular electric kettle?

Breville Tea Maker

Handheld Electric Mixers

Published December 1, 2014.

We whipped ourselves into a frenzy looking for the best mixer.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Sous Vide Machines

Published November 1, 2014.

High-end restaurants have cooked using the sous vide method for decades, but we tested five sous vide machines designed for home use: two water ovens and three stick-like circulators.

Anova One

Slow Cookers

Published October 1, 2014.

Slow cookers with jazzy new features promise easier, better food. Would any of them deliver?

KitchenAid 6-Quart Slow Cooker with Solid Glass Lid

Home Seltzer Makers

Published September 1, 2014.

Home seltzer makers that transform still water into sparkling promise clear advantages over buying bottled seltzer from the store. We put four models to the test.

SodaStream Source Starter Kit

Vacuum Sealers

Published August 1, 2014.

With the next generation of home vacuum sealers out, could we find one that keeps food fresh without sucking our wallets dry?

Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

Greek Yogurt Maker

Published March 1, 2014.

This appliance promises to streamline the process of making Greek yogurt at home. Does it deliver?

Greek Yogurt Maker

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers

Published February 1, 2014.

We put five single-serve pod coffee makers to the test.

Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System by Keurig

Stand Mixers (High-End)

Published November 1, 2013.

A stand mixer is one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen, so it had better do it all—from whipping a single egg white to kneading thick pizza dough.

Stand Mixers (High-End)

Portable Crock Pot

Published September 1, 2013.

This device is designed to both transport and warm your food for hot lunches anywhere you can find an outlet.

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Warmer

Small Slow Cookers

Published August 1, 2013.

We looked for a model that was consistent and easy to use—and could guarantee perfectly cooked dinners.

Cuisinart 4-Quart Cook Central 3-in-1 Multicooker

Two-Slice Toasters

Published June 1, 2013.

If we can send a robot to Mars, why can’t anybody make a decent toaster?

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster

Best Coffee Maker (Automatic Drip)

Published March 1, 2013.

The success of our favorite—but very pricey—Dutch automatic drip model spurred the launch of new rivals. Could any brew a great cup with less pain to our wallets?

Technivorm Moccamaster 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

Large-Capacity Food Scale

Published March 1, 2013.

Do you need a kitchen scale that can weigh ingredients up to 22 pounds?

OXO Good Grips 22-Lb Food Scale with Pull-Out Display
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