Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for Cooks of All Ages

Fill your family’s stockings this Christmas with a little help from America’s Test Kitchen. We know that good gifts don’t have to cost a fortune, so this week we’ve put together 15 stocking stuffers for under $25.

Our winning jar spatula’s head is flexible and maneuvers into tight corners easily so you can scoop out every last delicious drop of lemon curd, peanut butter, and more. Our favorite milk frother works like a mini immersion blender, bringing frothy goodness to your coffee or hot chocolate. And for the aspiring cooks and food lovers in your life, give the gift of books. These whimsical board books, A is for Artichoke and 123 The Farm and Me.

A Is For Artichoke and 123 The Farm And Me

$16.99 $19.99

The less expensive of two products by Williams Sonoma, these cotton mitts were long enough to reach down to kids' forearms for increased coverage and safety. Their slim shape hugged testers' hands for good control and dexterity. Best of all, they kept our hands cool for 35 seconds when we held hot pans—long enough to carry a baking sheet from the oven to a cooling rack with time to spare. Kids also loved the “cozy,” “fuzzy” interior, and the black color helped hide stains.  More on this test

This basket-style tea strainer had the biggest capacity in our testing, equivalent to 13.5 tablespoons—more than enough for good water circulation. With a 2.5-inch opening, it was easy to fill and clean. And its tightly woven mesh basket kept even the finest leaves out of the finished tea. As a bonus, it has a top that can also be used as a saucer, holding the basket and catching any drips after or between infusions.  More on this test

This inexpensive sealer attaches with an easy one-handed motion and an affirming click. Wine saved with it was just as fresh as a newly opened bottle for two full days (a full week if left undisturbed) and still drinkable on day three, thanks to its protruding plug and a secure closure that combined to make the best seal. Once on, it was almost flat against the top of the bottle and fit easily in the fridge.   More on this test

Inspired by the Japanese bento boxes for which it’s named, this 6-ounce plastic container transforms Mason jars into two-part food storage containers. The small tub fits neatly inside wide-mouthed Mason jars 1 pint or larger, but it stays at the neck of the jar thanks to a wide, flat rim, which creates plenty of space for snack duos like yogurt and granola, hummus and carrot sticks, or vinaigrette and salad. It formed an impressively tight seal, preventing leaks both inside and outside the jar even when we packed liquid ingredients. It’s top-rack dishwasher-safe.   More on this test

This set was almost perfect: It came with five of our essential tips, including a large open star tip for cupcake swirls and rosettes. The plastic bags were easy to handle, effortless to clean up afterward, and durable (we only once broke a bag, while piping duchess potatoes). Unfortunately, this set lacked a large closed star tip and a coupler. Some pros also thought the 12-inch bags were too small. Most agreed that this is a great starter set if you buy a few extras to round it out.   More on this test

This Microplane grabbed the top spot thanks to its great performance and its soft, grippy rubber handle that was slightly more comfortable and secure than that of our old winner. Otherwise, their grating surfaces are identical, so they both shredded cheese, zested lemons, and grated nutmeg, garlic, and ginger with ease. The Premium Classic came sharp, stayed sharp, and looked as good as new after testing. We do wish it had a wider surface so it didn’t form a trench in our cheese while grating, but it’s still the best option out there.   More on this test

Seamless silicone surrounds a sturdy polymer core, making this spatula easy to clean and comfortable in hand. The flexible head handily maneuvers in tight corners and edges but is strong enough to scoop heavy food. It’s also available in a mini version, perfect for petite jars.   More on this test

With a handle made from grippy TPE (a plastic-rubber hybrid material) and tines that had good rigidity and spacing, the OXO flat whisk aced our sauce tests and was relatively comfortable to use for longer periods. While this whisk had one of the longer handles in our testing, an additional inch would have made it even more enjoyable to use.  More on this test