Simplified Storage Solutions

Fancy gadgets and sharp knives get all the glory, but storage containers are the unsung heroes of any good kitchen.


oday we're shining the spotlight on our favorite ways to keep food fresh and to stay organized in the kitchen. Our winning plastic wrap clings tightly to metal, glass, and ceramic containers—no more battling with plastic that sticks to itself and nothing else. If you hate wasting herbs, you'll love our favorite herb keeper. In our tests, it kept cilantro and thyme fresh for two months. And for an organized pantry, sturdy plastic Cambro containers are essential. They stack easily and have tight seals that protect flours, sugars, and grains from moisture and humidity. With plenty of fresh food on hand, you'll have everything you need for a superlative salad. Try the Bulgur Salad with Carrots and Almonds, Warm Spinach Salad with Feta and Pistachios, or one of more than 100 recipes in our limited-edition special issue, Best-Ever Salads. And if you have any leftovers, you'll have everything you need to pack them up neatly.

Our new favorite (sold in sets, in varying sizes) stayed as clear and stain-free as glass, and its audibly snug seal didn't leak, even when we turned the container upside down and shook it hard. Its flat top also made for secure, compact stacking in the fridge or freezer. One quibble: While we like that the gasket is attached so we don't have to fuss with removing it, you do need to clean carefully under its open side.  More on this test

This ultraclingy wrap was the thickest in the lineup, making it strong, resilient, and nearly impossible to rip or puncture. We liked its durable dispenser, which came with both a serrated blade and a slide cutter. While the blade worked just fine, the slide cutter was a revelation: It takes just a second to attach and makes it a breeze to produce smooth, perfectly sized sheets.  More on this test

"This dispenser made pulling sheets of plastic wrap downright enjoyable."

Our winning product had concealed metal teeth that easily cut clean sheets every time. It also sits slightly higher than the other dispensers we tested, which made it more convenient to pull plastic wrap over bowls. The one tiny drawback? It doesn’t fit in most kitchen drawers. But we like everything else about it.  More on this test

This sturdy flip-top salt box held plenty of salt and provided easy access to it, accommodating most testers’ hands. While somewhat vulnerable to humidity, this box was great at shielding salt from messes. It was a breeze to fill and clean and could be opened with one hand; a small handle made it convenient to lift for on-the-fly seasoning.  More on this test

Inspired by the Japanese bento boxes for which it’s named, this 6-ounce plastic container transforms Mason jars into two-part food storage containers. The small tub fits neatly inside wide-mouthed Mason jars 1 pint or larger, but it stays at the neck of the jar thanks to a wide, flat rim, which creates plenty of space for snack duos like yogurt and granola, hummus and carrot sticks, or vinaigrette and salad. It formed an impressively tight seal, preventing leaks both inside and outside the jar even when we packed liquid ingredients. It’s top-rack dishwasher-safe.  More on this test

Our winner had a nice long spout for good stability and a medium-wide nozzle that allowed the tidy transfer of foods and liquids with relative ease. Peppercorns, dried rosemary, and chili powder were slightly challenging for most of the funnels, but this product allowed for fairly easy flow—just a few taps required. We also liked that the funnel collapsed for easy storage.  More on this test

These silicone bottle caps fit the tops of 12-ounce glass beer and soda bottles. Tough but slightly stretchy, they come in packs of six, 12, or 54. (If you lose the top of a plastic bottle of seltzer or soda, they’ll fit that, too.) Testing was fun: We downed half of a beer, capped the rest, and set it in the refrigerator. The beer was still effervescent the next evening. But don’t wait too long: After 48 hours, the cap blew off one bottle and another beer was left a bit flat.  More on this test