Our Tasting & Testings Editors' Favorite Equipment Reviews of 2018

What’s the best glass water bottle? Are Yeti coolers worth their hefty price? In 2018, our tastings & testings team answered those questions and many others.

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"I loved working with kids during this testing, especially children who were interested in and excited by cooking. I used our rigorous equipment testing methods to find safe tools for our young cooks to use when peeling various fruits and vegetables. With the help of our young cooks, we found two peelers that we thought were safe and that they felt confident using." -Carolyn Grillo, Assistant Editor  More on this test

"The cult of Yeti was everywhere in 2018, so I was superexcited when I was assigned to review coolers. Does Yeti actually live up to the hype? To find out, I spent weeks holed up with the coolers, tracking the temperature of sodas, measuring ice melt, walking around with the coolers, and tossing them out of cars. It turns out that the Yeti does live up to the hype; it's a fantastic cooler that vastly outperforms every other option in durability and cold retention." -Lauren Savoie, Senior Editor  More on this test

"I tested glass water bottles and was excited to find one that was both durable and leakproof. Some people are, understandably, concerned about breakage, but we dropped the bottles both indoors and outdoors on concrete and found some models surprisingly resilient. I purchased our winning model, which has a larger capacity. It can be fairly heavy when full, so I just commute with it empty and fill it at work." -Emily Phares, Associate Editor  More on this test

"I really did not expect to like the June Oven, a "smart" countertop oven. Too many so-called smart kitchen products are gimmicky and finicky, and the actual food seems like an afterthought. June bowled me over. It was supereasy to use, whether through its well-designed app or the controls on the oven. Its cooking was reliably excellent, so I just started to relax and let it do its thing. June toasts, roasts, broils, bakes, air-fries, dehydrates, and slow-cooks." -Lisa McManus, Executive Editor  More on this test

"I really enjoyed testing Dutch ovens—and not just because I got to eat a lot of French fries. Picking out the colors to order for my testing lineup was superfun, and Dutch ovens are just such versatile tools—you can deep-fry, roast, steam, bake, sear, boil, braise, and more in them. I use mine multiple times a week at home. I also love how nice they look, so you can serve your dish right in them. I will say that testing 11 of these things was quite a workout—they ain't light. But hey, gotta burn off those fries somehow!" -Hannah Crowley, Executive Editor  More on this test

"Nobody should be denied wine just because they don't feel comfortable getting the cork out of the bottle. While I love my waiter's corkscrew, I know it can be intimidating for those who don't have much experience with it. Twist corkscrews are much more user-friendly, and our winner, the Le Creuset Table Model Corkpull, is especially so. Testers who had never opened a bottle of wine before were amazed at how easy this corkpull was to use. Less anxiety for you, more wine for all!" -Miye Bromberg, Assosciate Editor  More on this test