Doughnuts and Coffee at Home

Fluffy doughnuts and hot, full-bodied coffee are a perfect pair. Why not make them at home?

A heavy-bottomed Dutch oven is all you need for deep-frying. Our favorite is sturdy and has a broad, light-colored interior so it’s easy to monitor your food. And what about coffee? Our winning French press coffee maker has thick, insulated walls that keep coffee hotter much longer than traditional glass presses. It also makes rich, bold coffee that our tasters loved. For even more resources, check out our Online Cooking School course, Doughnuts and Coffee. Our instructors cover common mistakes to avoid, tips for frying safely, and three delicious doughnut recipes with step-by-step instructions. With our best equipment and this online course, you’ll be snacking on doughnuts and sipping coffee before you know it!

This perfect, pricey pot bested the competition again. It was substantial enough to hold and distribute heat evenly without being unbearably heavy. The light-colored interior combined with low, straight sides gave us good visibility and made it easy to monitor browning and thermometer position. The broad cooking surface saved us time since we could cook more food at once. The lid was smooth and easy to clean. This pot is expensive, but it was exceptionally resistant to damage.  More on this test

With a basket made from a single smooth spiral of thick wire, this beautiful, long-handled, well-balanced spider was easy to maneuver and clean and capable of handling fragile ravioli with care. But that elegance came at a price—the highest in our lineup. And while some cooks thought its lower profile allowed them to get up under food more easily, the shallow basket simply couldn’t hold fried chicken as securely or pick up as many fries or ravioli in a single pass.  More on this test

Although the grid pattern on this rack is slightly larger than on the other two models, it’s reinforced with an extra support bar that runs perpendicular to the three main bars. It had a touch more wiggle room in the baking sheets, but it kept pace with the other racks during recipe and durability testing.   More on this test

This grinder is bare-bones: Just select one of the 40 grind settings and turn it on; it mills beans until you turn it off. It was too minimal for novice testers who wanted more guidance, but its no-fuss design is perfect for experienced users. It doesn't include a scale, so you need to weigh beans beforehand.  More on this test

Made of shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic, this pour-over coffee device allows us to control water temperature and steeping time and eliminates the need for paper filters. It produces 2.5 cups of full-bodied coffee and has a drip tray and cover, making it convenient for keeping our coffee warm and our counters clean. The Incred ’a Brew is top-rack dishwasher-safe. Our only quibble: It won’t work with mugs wider than 3½ inches in diameter, since they won’t engage the valve to dispense the coffee. But that didn’t stop us from holding the carafe above a wider mug while pushing on the valve manually.  More on this test

This compact, well-made machine consistently produced excellent espresso at the push of a button and readily let us adjust the flavor, temperature, and strength of a shot. The thoughtfully designed controls and a clear display that showed what was happening made it simple to brew espresso or froth milk without consulting the manual. A simple attached steam wand with a silicone grip was comfortable to use and popped off for cleaning.  More on this test

This large, sleek glass kettle was one of the quickest in our lineup. The power switch lights up in an icy blue when it’s activated, the handle is wide and comfortable, and the kettle sits securely on its base. We also liked its slow-open lid, which prevents accidental burns from steam and splashing water. It has a removable filter in its spout which, while not strictly necessary, is a handy feature in areas where the water has sediment.  More on this test

Our winner is the only carafe that has extra insulation in addition to the standard double-wall vacuum seal. The thin sheets of copper and aluminum foil worked: After 4 hours, coffee was still piping hot at 152 degrees. Milk was 40 degrees after 2 hours and just 41 degrees after 4 hours. Testers loved its snap-on lid, which sealed with an audible (and reassuring) click and can be completely disassembled for cleaning. It also boasts a comfortable handle and a responsive button and pours with a steady, even stream that cuts off without dribbling.  More on this test