Everything You Need When Cooking for Two

If you’re cooking for two, you shouldn’t have to rely on recipes—or equipment—engineered to serve larger groups.


f you’re cooking for two, you shouldn’t have to rely on recipes engineered to serve four or six people. Start by trading out bulky, oversized equipment for smaller gear. Our winning small food processor is compact but powerful enough to chop nuts, make pesto, and emulsify mayonnaise. Our favorite loaf pan doubles as a mini baking dish for lasagnas and casseroles. Individual-size desserts fit perfectly in our highly rated ramekins. We reengineered 650 of our favorite recipes in The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook. Armed with the right gear and our trustworthy recipes, you can expect that everything will come out right and be perfectly portioned for two.

650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

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Everything prepared in this sturdy sheet pan cooked appropriately and evenly. It boasted straighter, taller sides that contained food and offered us a good grip. This pan was also hard to scratch and turned out to be the most warp-resistant pans in the lineup. It's essential for everything from roasting broccoli or salmon to baking cookies or slab pies.   More on this test

This light, smooth bamboo spoon was broad enough to churn bulky stews, yet small enough to rotate a single chunk of beef without disturbing surrounding pieces. Its rectangular handle was comfortable to grip; its head had the most surface area in contact with the pan, so it excelled at scraping fond. Stain-resistant, it emerged after testing looking closest to new.  More on this test