Baking Tools to be Grateful For

The holidays are almost here, and we’re busy baking some of our favorite pies and tarts. But even for experienced bakers, putting together picture-perfect desserts can be daunting. Using the right equipment makes it much easier.


ur favorite pie plate produces golden-brown, flaky pie crust every time. It releases slices easily, too. Our top-rated rolling pin is long and easy to maneuver, so it’s a breeze to roll pie dough or cookies to an even thickness. If you’re traveling with that homemade pie, a sturdy pie carrier is a must-have. Our highly rated model can transport 8-, 9-, or 10-inch pies safely, even on bumpy car rides. For our best pie-making tips and recipes, check out our online cooking school. In our Foolproof Pie Dough course, our instructors share the secrets to rolling out dough that never sticks or tears. With expert tools and baking advice, you can look forward to holiday baking this year.

Coming in a variety of useful sizes that nest for compact storage, our winning set performed ably on almost every test. Its wide, shallow bowls were easy to hold, fill, empty, and clean. They can be used in the microwave and the oven. While the bowls in this set were the only ones to break when dropped, the heaviness of the glass with which they’re made makes it unlikely that they’ll easily fly off the counter.  More on this test

Although the grid pattern on this rack is slightly larger than on the other two models, it’s reinforced with an extra support bar that runs perpendicular to the three main bars. It had a touch more wiggle room in the baking sheets, but it kept pace with the other racks during recipe and durability testing.   More on this test

This golden-hued metal plate baked crusts beautifully without overbrowning; even bottom crusts emerged crisp and flaky. Additionally, we liked this plate’s nonfluted lip, which allowed for maximum crust-crimping flexibility. One minor drawback: The metal surface is susceptible to cuts and nicks, but we found that this didn’t affect its performance.  More on this test

A smaller version of our favorite cake carrier, this collapsible plastic tote expanded to accommodate even our tallest Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie. Its large, nonskid base held 8-, 9-, and 10-inch pies perfectly in place, even on bumpy car rides. A bonus: It comes with two molded inserts for deviled eggs, one of which can be flipped upside down and used as a second tier for transporting two shorter pies at once. Its one slight fault: The latches took a little finessing to secure properly.  More on this test