Lighter Scalloped Potatoes with Sweet Potato, Fennel, and Leek

Published April 20, 2007.

Serves 8

The quickest way to slice the potatoes is in a food processor fitted with a 1/8-inch-thick slicing blade. Halve the potatoes crosswise and put them in the feed tube cut-side down so that they sit flat on the surface of the slicing disk. A mandoline or V-slicer is the other option. Don't try to slice the potatoes with a knife; you won't get them thin enough. It is best to assemble all of your ingredients before slicing the potatoes. If the potato slices discolor as they stand, put them in a bowl and cover with the milk in the recipe. Don't be tempted to slice the potatoes and store them in water—this will remove some of the starch that is necessary to thicken the milk. This recipe was published in our cookbook The Best Light Recipe.


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