How to Quickly Cook a Potato

Published July 1, 2014.

Do potato nails (rods that are inserted into baking potatoes to decrease the cooking time) really work?

Add This Innovative Raw Onion Topping to Pizza, Salads, or Sandwiches

Published May 1, 2014.

We recently discovered a technique that retains more of the raw onion flavor and crunch while preventing burning.

Substituting Celery Leaves for Stalks

Published January 1, 2014.

Can celery leaves be substituted for the stalks in recipes?

Washing Dried Mushrooms Before Grinding into a Powder

Published November 1, 2013.

When a recipe calls for grinding dried mushrooms, should the mushrooms be washed first?

Quick Microwave Kale Chips

Published November 1, 2013.

Here's our easy method for making crispy kale chips at home.

Using Sprouted Onions

Published September 1, 2013.

Is it OK to cook with sprouted onions?

Punching Up Potato Flavor

Published September 1, 2013.

We wondered if roasting the potatoes could concentrate and enhance potato flavor in dishes that usually call for boiled potatoes.

Leave Out Lower-Fiber Vegetables When Freezing Stew

Published September 1, 2013.

Freezing stew offers make-ahead convenience, but not all vegetables handle freezing and reheating well. Which vegetables work well for this purpose, and which ones don't?

Vegetarian Gelatin Substitutes

Published September 1, 2013.

Can you swap unflavored vegetarian gelatin for traditional gelatin in recipes?

Unwilting Lettuce

Published July 1, 2013.

Will soaking wilted lettuce in ice water and vinegar crisp it up more quickly than just soaking it in water?

How to Prep Vegetables for Stir-Fry

Published July 1, 2013.

Cut bok choy, carrots, snow peas, scallions, cabbage, and cauliflower down to size.

Enhancing Flavor with Kombu

Published July 1, 2013.

A little kelp can help out the flavor of your soups and sauces in a big way.

Salt-Cured vs. Brined Capers

Published May 1, 2013.

Can salt-cured capers be used interchangeably with brined capers?

Keeping Basil Green in Pesto

Published May 1, 2013.

We found two proven methods on how to keep the basil from discoloring over time.

Making a Vegetarian Substitute for Fish Sauce

Published March 1, 2013.

Is there a homemade vegetarian substitute for fish sauce?

Toning Down Tomato Sauce

Published March 1, 2013.

We've encountered recipes which finish tomato sauce with a pinch of baking soda. Will this mellow out a sauce that is too acidic?

Coring Parsnips

Published March 1, 2013.

Should the cores of large parsnips always be removed and discarded before cooking?

Roasting Coffee in a Popcorn Popper

Published March 1, 2013.

We’ve always been intrigued by the idea that roasting coffee beans at home could be as simple as calling for an air popcorn popper, a method embraced by DIY diehards.

Scallions That Keep Growing

Published November 1, 2012.

If you store cut scallions in a glass of water, will they grow back?

Preventing Soggy Salad

Published November 1, 2012.

Is there a science to keeping a dressed salad crisp and fresh?

Giving Kale a Rubdown

Published November 1, 2012.

Here’s a way to tenderize these greens without ever subjecting them to heat.

Mushrooms: Porcini versus Shiitake

Published July 1, 2012.

Dried shiitake mushrooms have 15 times more flavor-building nucleotides than dried porcini. Should you switch to dried shiitakes from now on when you want to boost meaty flavor?

Perfectly Popped Corn

Published May 1, 2012.

Popping popcorn on the stovetop doesn't need to end in disaster.

The Fruit and Vegetable Blues

Published March 1, 2012.

I recently used red onions in a frittata and was surprised to see that they turned bluish green during cooking. What happened?

Achieving Silky Smooth Hummus

Published January 1, 2012.

The key to smoother, creamier hummus is all in the temperature of the beans.

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